An Icon of Sports Broadcasting Passes Away

Ernie Harwell, the voice of the Detroit Tigers for 42 years, who also spent time in Baltimore, has died at 92. Harwell spent 55 years in broadcasting, joining Mel Allen, Jack Buck, Harry Caray and others among the game’s most famous play-by-play voices.

He announced Detroit games on radio from 1960-1991, again in 1993 and from 1999-2002. He broadcast games on over-the-air and cable television from 1960-64 and 1994-98.

Harwell retired in 2002 and spent his final years in Michigan. The legendary broadcaster died after a battle with cancer.

PRODUCER HAT: The first question in breaking news– who do you want to get on-air to comment? Three places to always search:

1) Archives: Who commented on similiar stories in the past? In this case, we had some good resources from when Harry Kalas died a few years ago.
2) Media Guides: All major sports have media guides, including baseball. They have several home phone numbers for people who cover each team, including Detroit.
3) Books: Did anyone ever write a book about Ernie Harwell? Yup, Tom Keegan co-wrote his autobiography.

I have to give all the credit to my anchors. You call the play, then your guys execute it. And they did it flawlessly.

Take a listen!

WTOP’s Nathan Roberts speaks to Detroit News Sports Columnist Lynn Henning:
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WTOP’s Dimitri Sotis speaks to sports broadcasting historian Curt Smith:
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