POTUS Nominates Elena Kagan, What Happens Now?

President Obama has nominated Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. Now comes the “getting to know you” phase, in which Kagan will visit key Senators and answer questions about her background and personal opinions on key legal issues. This process will take several weeks and lead up to Senate Judiciary Committee hearings this summer. I spoke with Michael O’Neill, Professor of Law at George Mason University and the former Senate Judiciary Chief Counsel and Staff Director during the Samuel Alito and John Roberts hearings in 2006. O’Neill told me what happens in the days after the nomination inside the halls of the US Senate.

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PRODUCERS HAT: An A+ producer has plenty of resources and prepares for these events ahead of time. I posted an article about how to prepare and I hope you did! We spoke to Thomas Goldstein, who publishes SCOTUSBlog and is a partner at Akin-Gump (a DC Law firm). He’s very good at analyzing Supreme Court news and he spoke with WTOP’s Dimitri Sotis.
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