Are Children More Violent Today Than Ever Before?

There have been several acts of violence lately involving teens or young adults. Alonte Sutton was killed over the weekend, and then UVA lacrosse star Yeardley Love last week. Fellow student-athlete George Huguely is charged in the Love case.

Back in April 15th, DC Shaw Middle School Principal Brian Betts was murdered in his home. Among those charged are three 18-year-olds: Sharif T. Lancaster, Alante Saunders and Deontra Q. Gray.

On March 30th, there was a drive-by shooting on South Capitol Street, killing four. Among those charged are Orlando Carter, 20, Robert Bost, 22, Jeffrey D. Best, 21, and Lamar Williams, 22.

TALKBACK: So do you think children are more violent today than ever before or is it just getting more attention now?

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